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Webinar ‘Integration Platform-as-a-Service’

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Recorded Webinar ‘Integration Platform-as-a-Service’

17 April 2018 | Webinar

What to expect
You are probably seeing the number of applications within your organisation increasing rapidly. Separate applications that are good at what they do, but do not necessarily make an organization successful. After all, the strength lies in the set-up, in the collaboration between the applications and the process that supports your employees in this.  As an IT or information manager, you therefore face a big challenge. How can you quickly ensure the right integrations within a complex hybrid cloud landscape? And do you fuse the tangle of loose applications into smooth, uniform business processes?

iPaaS in action
Integration experts Hans Gootjes and Jeroen Scholte will be talking about the Ctac Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) powered by Dell Boomi. And also about what matters most, how Ctac iPaaS seamlessly ensures that you as an organisation are agile and prepared for the future.

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