SAP Festival 2019

Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Festival 2019

donderdag 6 juni 2019 | Tour&Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles

The SAP Festival is all about experiences. Which business innovations lead you to the Intelligent Enterprise? Which technologies and platforms enable you to innovate?

Listen how innovation can take you to Mars, make you world champion, save lives, and turn your company into a fabulous, future-proof, Intelligent Enterprise. Ctac is Gold sponsor this year and we organize several sessions. You will find more information below.

Speaker corner, 11.00 - 11.20 hrs

Do you want to be intelligent or would you like to be the smartest factory of them all?

Intelligent ERP for the smartest factory

Personalization, an aging workforce, the endless possibilities of innovative technology, the advent of servitization - these are the trends that determine the future of the manufacturing industry. Moreover, customer demand plays a greater role than ever before in shaping business processes.

An intelligent ERP solution forms the solid foundation on which a future-proof production company is built. But to fully unleash the power of this intelligence, you need to become the smartest factory. In this presentation we will, based on some inspirational cases, prove to you that it takes more than a system to achieve optimum efficiency. It requires a step back, taking into account strategies, processes, architecture and more. Curious? Attend this session and discover what it takes to become the smartest of them all!

Round table, 15.20 - 16.00 hrs

Are you ready for next decade customer & field services? 
Your hidden treasure for the next decade is excelling at customer service to achieve ultimate customer experience. Discover in this session how you improve your connected service scenario in your customer and field services.

Booth: All day

3D customer expectations meets manufacturing promises
Personalization of products is increasingly becoming common practice in the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturer, online product configuration presents you also with some challenges. Can it be assembled as configured? Are the goods really in stock? Does the delivery promise fit in with the production planning. How do you deal with this in a smart way and ensure that you meet your customers' expectations and prevent disappointments? There is a missing link.

Experience how the ultimate 3D customer experience merges with production and CPQ efficiency. See how the real-time information exchange between S/4HANA and 3D configuration leads to successful visualizations and customer experiences. Determine on the Ctac spot what your product looks like, and immediately find out whether the order can be placed, what the price and exact delivery time is. See how the BOM is assembled, production planning is adjusted, and stocks are checked. No more surprises for you and your customers.