Ctac supports Action’s growth strategy by further developing point-of-sale system

20 avril 2018

Ctac supports Action’s growth strategy by further developing point-of-sale system

Wommelgem, April 24, 2018 - Business & Cloud Integrator Ctac has extended its contract with Action. The international retailer has been using Ctac’s point-of-sale (POS) system XV Retail since 2008 with great satisfaction and has, in addition, been using Ctac’s Omni Customer Loyalty (OCL) program. To further support Action’s growth strategy, the XV Retail solution was enriched with functionality and implementation times were strongly reduced. The latter has provided Action’s growth strategy with substantial benefits with regard to Total Cost of Ownership. This provides a strong foundation for future (inter)national development and retail innovations.

It is clear that Action is fond of ‘straightforward and surprising.’ Straightforward in a sense that all Action branches in Europa have the same look and feel. Surprising in the sense that Action constantly changes two thirds of the product offerings and introduces more than 150 new products on a weekly basis. This strategy demands a POS system that can handle large volumes in a short amount of time. Moreover, flexible upscaling and downscaling should be effortless and high performance is a must.

The Action network is constructed in such a way that there is no server running in every store, but rather that all cash registers worldwide are directly connected to the XV Retail Online Server. Consequently, should connections be lost, registers still operate and sales continue as usual. Thanks to a real-time connection with the supporting SAP ERP and CAR system, Action’s headquarters is in complete control. A big advantage being that cash registers are always up to date. Changes in retail prices, new products or other adjustments can be centrally managed 24/7 and are immediately live on the cash registers, as are software updates. Furthermore, this solution provides Action with a ‘single point of truth’ and real-time access to accurate stock and turnover data.

With the new generation of software from XV Retail, Ctac provides Action with a future-proof platform. Action outsources 24/7 management of both XV Retail and OCL to Ctac. OCL is Ctac’s online loyalty-platform deployed by Action to grant and register employee discounts in Action branches worldwide.

Jens Burgers, IT Director at Action, says: “We have always been very satisfied with Ctac’s XV Retail and OCL. However, we are constantly expanding our business and Ctac advised us to further develop our usage of the XV Retail solution. This prepares us for future growth.”

Henny Hilgerdenaar, CEO at Ctac: “By extending our long term cooperation by way of a five year contract, Action shows that they are confident about a future with Ctac. This is  a good example of the kind of multi-year partnership we like to build with our customers. We look forward to future collaboration with Action, starting with the implementation of Ctac’s XV Retail 5.”

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