Ctac joins High Tech Software Cluster at Brainport Development

26 August 2020

’s-Hertogenbosch, 26 August 2020 – Business & Cloud Integrator Ctac N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: CTAC) joined Brainport Development's High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC) in July. This collaboration aligns with the current organisational transformation that this Business & Cloud Integrator is going through, with the company continuing to move away from being a traditional ERP supplier and towards being an innovative business partner.

The High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC) is a project of Brainport Development that consists of about thirty companies which develop software, and is located in the Software Competence Centre (SCC) on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. The cluster focuses on innovative technological developments in the manufacturing industry.

Henny Hilgerdenaar, Ctac’s Chief Executive Officer: “We believe in collaboration within an innovative ecosystem. This brings together the specialist knowledge and expertise of a number of different parties in complete end-to-end solutions.” Hilgerdenaar expects to be able to further reinforce Ctac's innovative approach within the HTSC context. “For us, this is an excellent opportunity to develop a more systematic approach to innovation and to work together with interesting companies and clients in Brainport Eindhoven, an innovative high-tech environment of international standing.”

Making innovation tangible
Ctac is strongly committed to innovation. Frank Koppen, Director of Innovation at Ctac, expects the HTSC to provide plenty of scope for this. “We want to translate innovation into practical use cases. We do this not only by employing fantastic technology, but also by ensuring that tasks, roles and responsibilities are anchored within the organisation to ensure that innovative solutions become tangible and are actually delivered.”

Within the HTSC, Ctac wants to work closely with parties involved in developing the latest technologies and solutions. “Our extensive knowledge of what the businesses, where these solutions will ultimately be used, want and need seamlessly complements the high-quality technical knowledge", says Koppen. “In this way, we jointly develop the high-tech solutions the market is seeking. We can help the other parties in the cluster to deliver proposals and marketable solutions.”

In addition to business knowledge, Ctac also brings in-depth cloud expertise to the cluster. Ctac is one of the few parties that can meet the specific cloud requirements on which HTSC solutions run. HTSC Manager Wim Renders says about that issue: "Despite the fact that the "cloud" still raises question marks for many people, there is also a high level of demand for expertise in secure cloud solutions for the manufacturing industry. It's been pushed out of the limelight a bit, if you ask me, at a time when cost savings are of great interest."


About the High Tech Software Cluster
The High Tech Software Cluster, a Brainport Development project, belongs to the official Smart Industry Fieldlabs and is part of the "Factory of the Future" innovation programme. This programme was set up by companies, knowledge institutions, education and industry associations, in close cooperation with the province of Noord-Brabant and the Brabant Development Company (BOM). Working together to create faster and smarter products and production processes and sharing (innovation) facilities, means a lower level of costs, a higher quality of product and, above all, a shorter time to market. The innovation programme includes a total of around 75 companies and six knowledge institutions. The facilities for the Factory of the Future are currently being built at the Brainport Industries Campus site.

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