Charity 2019: A touch of Rose

Every year Ctac chooses a charity to support. For 2019 that is 'A touch of Rose'. A touch of Rose was founded in September 2011, seven months after the death of politician Marie-Rose Morel. Rose was only 38 and the mother of two young sons when she lost the fight against cancer.

About A touch of Rose

When you are told that you have cancer, the soil under your feet sinks and the world around you stops.

Fortunately, medical science can often cure or control the disease through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. But what's going on in your head? How should you proceed with the fear or uncertainty? How can you survive the difficult period of treatment? How can your family continue to function? And what if you are healed, how should you turn back into daily life? How can you live and eat as healthily as possible during and after treatment?

'A touch of Rose' can be an important addition to traditional medical therapy in order to ensure that the patient and his or her family who are confronted with cancer can draw extra strength from this to fully engage in the fight. or continue to live as well as possible with this disease.

These are the charities that we supported in the past:

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