Hooray, we’ve gone live!

4 September 2018, 2 min leestijd

Success should be celebrated. It is even recommended by Kotter, who ranked it in 6th place in his 8-step plan for the successful implementation of changes in organisations. And let’s be honest, there is nothing wrong with having a good celebration.
So it’s more than understandable that you would want to seize the moment of going live to organise a party. To celebrate with all the users and the project team that worked hard on the new application. You certainly wouldn’t want to let a moment like that pass unnoticed. Such a gathering is usually organised in the company restaurant where the managing director expresses their gratitude for the project team and their hard work, followed by a good anecdote shared by the project manager. Finally, in official style, the application will be launched with a symbolic gesture. You get a nice cake or something to go with your cup of coffee and then it’s back to work!

Users determine the success

However, I think there is an even more important milestone worth celebrating than the launch of your new system. Because, although you’ve obviously delivered a great performance, it doesn’t really say anything about the actual result of the project itself.
Because after all, the result depends on the users. Have they been properly informed about what is expected of them? Are they aware of the new processes and the tasks and responsibilities that come with it? Can they continue to perform their work with this new application? And will they do so? That is an answer that you can only get in the workplace.

Make sure to pay enough attention to Solution Adoption

If you have given sufficient attention to Solution Adoption during your project, then there is no need to worry about it. If the users have any questions, there will be a performance support solution that is ready to guide them through the application. And the training will have provided them with enough confidence to do their work using the new application and they will have been properly informed about the change processes.
So shouldn’t we all agree to organise another celebration after the launch of the application? Don’t the users also deserve a thank you for all their hard work and for accepting the changes? Because if they can successfully complete all their tasks using the new working methods, then that would seem to me to be a great reason for another celebration.
Are you interested in one of those extra celebrations? Then call me and I will tell you exactly how Solution Adoption will provide you with competent and independent users. But be sure to put the drinks on ice because it promises to be a great party!